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Welcome to the Middlesex County Area of Narcotics Anonymous

If you or someone you know is seeking help for a drug addiction we can help. Narcotics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who are living a daily reprieve from drug abuse. To see how the miracle of recovery is possible, we invite you to a meeting or you can read the information provided on this website. The newcomer corner is a great place to start for an addict seeking recovery for the first time. The Narcotics Anonymous literature that is provided on this website is fellowship approved and it works. Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you in a meeting soon. If you would like to know more about NA please read: What Is Narcotics Anonymous?

If you are new to Narcotics Anonymous, we recommend the NA White Booklet as an introduction to the program, or one of our Information Pamphlets.

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The Middlesex Area has multiple meetings every day of the week - both in-person & online. Online meetings are audio and video capable.
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