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Middlesex County Area - Submit Area Announcement

Please fill out the form below to submit new Announcement to the MSASCNA Website committee. Once the information has been verified, usually within a few days, it will be added the to website. IMPORTANT:Please follow the instructions exactly! Items marked with a * are required fields.

For Announcement Type, use a generic type, New Meeting, Meeting Change, Group Anniversary, Committee Meeting, Workshop, etc.
*Event Type

The Event Title is the actual name of the Event, such as "CAR Workshop".
*Event Title

Enter the Date of the Event.
*Event Date

If the Event continues for more than one day, put the End Date here.
Event End Date

The Time should include the start and end times of the event, for example "2pm to 7pm" or "Noon to sunset."

Here you can include an optional description of the event. Be as detailed as you want. Do not include directions or contact indormation here; you will fill that out later.

If there are fees associated with the event, please include details below.
Cost / Pricing

Address information goes here. Do not put directions here; they will be filled out later.
*Facility / Location:
Street Addr
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Street Addr 3

Put the sponsor of the event here, eg. "NNJRSC", "Central Jersey Area", "Welcome Home Group", etc.

If someone wants more information about the event, who should they contact?
Please note that this information will be available on a public website.
The Website Committee may also use this contact to verify the information provided on this form.
*Contact Name
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If a person wants More Information about the event, who should he/she get in touch with? Use this field to include multiple contacts, committee addresses, etc.
More Information

If you have driving directions, please include them here.

The Web Link field can be used to link to your NA committee website or any other URL related to this event or the event's sponsor.
Web Link

Your information - this will not be displayed on the website, but will be used by the committee to verify the information provided on this form.
*Your Name
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If you have a flyer for your event, you may browse to it and upload it. Flyers must be less than 4 Mb in size and should be in PDF format. It is recommended you create flyers from an aplication on your computer, not by scanning. If you need instruction on how to do this, feel free contact us and ask.

Flyer (if needed)

  (Please press Send ONLY once and be patient, especially if you are uploading a flyer - this can take a minute or more.)